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HOTEL Hanakomichi is a one-minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station in the center of Nara. It is also close to temples of the world heritage site including Kofuku-ji, Todai-ji, and Gango-ji, and you can easily get there on foot. It takes about 25 minutes to walk to Kasuga Taisha Shrine and Kasugayama. Our hotel is very convenient if you plan to visit world heritage sites.

Detailed Map around the Hotel

1F Restaurant Hitsuya and Shop
2F Front Desk of HOTEL Hanakomichi

Access to Nara

From Osaka
Kintetsu Namba Sta. --> Kaisoku-kyuko [Rapid Service Express] --> (Kintetsu Nara Line) 32 minutes --> Kintetsu Nara Sta.

JR Osaka Sta. --> Nonstop Kaisoku [Rapid Service] (Osaka Loop Line / Yamatoji Line) 48 minutes --> JR Nara Sta.

From Kansai Airport
Kansai Airport --> (Kansai-kuko Line) 29 minutes --> Tennoji --> Kaisoku (Yamatoji Line) 29 minutes --> JR Nara Sta.

Kansai Airport --> Nankai RAPI:T (Nankai Line) 29 minutes --> Namba --> Limited Express (Kintetsu Nara Line) 31 minutes --> Kintetsu Nara Sta.

Kansai Airport --> Limousin Bus (about 95minutes)--> Bus Stop: JR Nara Sta.

From Osaka Airport (Itami Airport)
Osaka Airport (Itami Airport) --> Airport Bus (about 30 minutes) --> Kintetsu Uehommachi --> Kaisoku kyuko (Kintetsu Nara Line) 29 minutes --> Kintetsu Nara Sta.

From Kyoto
Kintetsu Kyoto Sta. --> Limited Express: 33 minutes / Express: 41 minutes (Kintetsu Kyoto Line) --> Kintetsu Nara Sta.
JR Kyoto --> Local Train (JR Nara Line) 58 minutes --> JR Nara Sta.