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You can enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine made with local products and local traditional foods at reasonable prices at Hitsuya on the first floor of the hotel. You can choose from a variety of a la carte dishes or a Japanese course meal. Various drinks including the local sake of Nara are also available.

Dinner Menu (Examples)



3780 yen (consumption tax included)
This is a mini kaiseki (party course) meal with delicious dishes of Nara such as Yamato chicken, Yamato beef, nyumen (Japanese hot vermicelli), and rice cooked with green tea. Enjoy the delicious local cuisine!


Delicious Drinks

3,500 yen (consumption tax included)
Many local sakes such as Shohei, Harushika Super Salty,
and Mujohai are available.
Beer, shochu, and cocktails are available as well as soft drinks.

Breakfast Menu (One example)

Smorgasbord and rice porridge with seasonal ingredients
1,240 yen (consumption tax included)